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Absentia (UK Blu-Ray Review)

Before being given a comparably heftier budget for this year’s much-praised Oculus, writer-director-editor Mike Flanagan made Absentia. A 2011 micro-budgeter that made a splash on the horror festival circuit, the film is now seeing a Blu-ray release through British label Second Sight. The ...

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Lake Placid (US Blu-ray Review)

Before all three Cheez Whiz-made in-name-only sequels on the Syfy channel, there was Lake Placid, 1999’s answer to John Sayles’ Alligator (1980). Released in July of that year right before fun killer-shark flick Deep Blue Sea, this zippy, entertainingly tongue-in-cheek ...

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Jodorowsky’s Dune (US Blu-ray review)

Chances are if you hadn’t heard of Alejandro Jodorowsky before last year’s documentary hit Jodorowsky’s Dune you’d seen his influence in some of your favorite films. The French-Chilean avant-garde director, playwright, comic book author, self-ascribed tarot expert, and “atheistic mystic” ...

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