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Lake Placid (US Blu-ray Review)

Before all three Cheez Whiz-made in-name-only sequels on the Syfy channel, there was Lake Placid, 1999’s answer to John Sayles’ Alligator (1980). Released in July of that year right before fun killer-shark flick Deep Blue Sea, this zippy, entertainingly tongue-in-cheek ...

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Jodorowsky’s Dune (US Blu-ray review)

Chances are if you hadn’t heard of Alejandro Jodorowsky before last year’s documentary hit Jodorowsky’s Dune you’d seen his influence in some of your favorite films. The French-Chilean avant-garde director, playwright, comic book author, self-ascribed tarot expert, and “atheistic mystic” ...

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Sugar Cookies (US Blu-ray review)

One year before making his directorial debut with the horror-thriller Seizure, Oliver Stone produced his first film—co-produced and co-written by future Troma President Lloyd Kaufman and directed and co-written by Theodore Gershuny (Silent Night, Bloody Night)—Sugar Cookies. Despite the recognizable ...

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Judex (US Blu-ray review)

By 1914 Louis Feuillade, creator and director of Fantômas (1913) and Les Vampires (1915), was under fire for creating serials that allegedly glorified the criminal element. In response, and as a way to calm the reaction, Feuillade created Judex (1916), a serial that ...

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