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The Cambria Scarecrow Festival

Situated roughly halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is Cambria, a charming California coastal town with a population of 6,032.  In October, the local organizations and businesses of Cambria participate in an annual seasonal ritual:  The Cambria Scarecrow Festival .  This year, the 500-plus scarecrows were typically fey and delightfully bizarre.  Sheila M. Merritt documented the event with some photos.  She’s sharing a select few that she thinks may appeal to Diabolique readers.

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About Sheila M. Merritt

Sheila Merritt wrote book reviews for Mystery Scene Magazine. Currently she writes essays for Scream Magazine. For several years, she had contributed reviews, articles and conducted interviews for the newsletter. She was friends with a British ghost hunter who happened to be the author of a biography of Boris Karloff. She’s had a brief and embarrassing conversation with Christopher Lee in a department store, but also had a much more relaxing exchange with director-writer Frank Darabont at a horror convention. She became enamored of horror films and dark fiction as a child. Mother didn't approve of them. The rest, as they say, is history.

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