the-pope-yuznaBrian Yuzna, director of cult classics Society, Bride of Re-Animator and The Dentist, has another movie in the works and nobody is talking about it.  What the hell is that all about?

The film, which is called The Plastic Surgeon, is currently in pre-production with The Dentist himself, Corbin Bernsen, set to star.

From the little information gathered about the film so far, it doesn’t appear to be a direct sequel to The Dentist, but in an interview with Mondo Exploito earlier this year, Yuzna described it as “The Dentist, but with a few more bells and whistles.”

The Plastic Surgeon is being produced by Dark Arts Entertainment, a multi-platform genre label spearheaded by Yuzna, John Penney (Hellgate) and Katherine Penney.

While information is sparse at the moment, the Dark Arts website has revealed some plot details and a poster.  It might not be much, but it’s certainly enough to suggest that the project is in active development.


Some people would die to be beautiful. Others definitely will.

The man behind one of the most desirable Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeries is Dr. Mitch Laffer. Ethical, talented and wildly successful, he is the embodiment of the American Dream and does everything in his power to help others be all that they can be.

Mitch takes immense pleasure from spreading joy; be it from helping the ageing ladies of high society to turn back the clock, or bringing smiles to the faces of sick children, which he does by means of his work as the delightful Plucko the Clown.

Sometimes, however, the greatest tragedies befall the finest of men and Mitch’s world falls apart in the blink of an eye. Broken, embittered and brimming with rage, suddenly, where he once saw beauty, he now only sees ugliness – and there’s one sure way that a plastic surgeon can cure that!

As his mania increases, Mitch’s work becomes dangerous and demented, and as for Plucko…well, however much you might trust your cosmetic surgeon, never trust a clown.

THE PLASTIC SURGEON marks the reunification of director Brian Yuzna and star Corbin Bernsen who famously collaborated on THE DENTIST, as they carve a new face into horror.

Other Dark Arts projects in development include sequels to Re-Animator and Society, along with new features The Pope, Truck Stop, Stay and I Walked with Zombies.

News of Re-Animator: Unbound can be traced all the way back to 2006.  Originally it was supposed to be the second part of a new trilogy beginning with House of Re-Animator and ending with Re-Animator: Begins.  The plot would see Herbert West come face to face with the Old Ones from Lovecraft lore amidst a war zone.

A sequel to Society has also been long in the works.  In an interview with Fangoria last year, Yuzna confirmed that he’d finished putting together a treatment with Penney, the story of which is set in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles’ exclusive Hollywood Boulevard nightclubs.  Although speculation of a Society sequel has circulated the rumor mill for years, we haven’t given up hope of seeing shunting grace our screens one more time.

The Pope is based on a novel Yuzna wrote about a serial killer who slaughters paedophile priests.  In an interview with the Horror Channel in 2013, John Penney stated that the story would begin life as a comic, followed by a novel adaptation, then a film.  At the time of writing, the comic hasn’t been released yet – but you can order the book from Amazon.

Truck Stop, based on a novel by Penney, is about spirits seeking retribution after being brutally murdered at the hands of a vicious serial killer at a – you guessed it – truck stop located in the remote highways of Utah.

There is currently no information on Stay, but Yuzna is serving as a producer on I Walked with Zombies, which is currently in post-production. Directed by Tinieblas González, the story centres on a man trying to adjust to life as part of the undead amidst a zombie apocalypse.  That’s all we know so far, and Yuzna more or less confirmed it in a recent interview with Starburst.

It might be all quiet on the Yuzna front regarding these projects at the moment, but none of them are dead in the water either – and since it’s been six years since his last film, it’s good to hear some news, even if it is just rumblings.