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Thrash graduated Cum Laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications, focusing on film studies, journalism and theatre. He then pursued his MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University. Dubbed a "prolific" writer by Hollywood icon Kenneth Johnson (The Incredible Hulk, V, The Bionic Woman, Alien Nation), Steven has been honored by the Arkansas College Media Association for his story writing prowess. He has also received recognition for his dramatic writing from the Eerie, Shriekfest and Screamfest horror film festivals, and his first play "Subconscious Lee" was published in December of 2017. Other publications include: Carroll County News, Benton Courier, Saline Courier, Forum, Echo, ABC Financial, Moroch, Dread Central, Morbidly Beautiful, Rue Morgue and Screen Rant.

‘Predator: Hunters’ [Review]

Thirty years ago, the infamous Dillon (Carl Weathers) deceived an elite rescue team, led by his old friend Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger), into infiltrating the inhospitable jungles of South America under the guise of saving survivors of a massive helicopter crash. ...

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‘Earthrise’ [DVD Review]

Earthrise (2014) manifests epoch-making storytelling in an expanding world of independent motion pictures. Writer/director Glenn Payne has crafted an engrossing narrative that promises a Utopian Earth to three travelers making their way across the unforgiving ice-cold frontier of space. And while ...

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