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Rob DiLauro has been a massive fan of horror as well as cinema since he was a child, and with his passion for film and everything in between, began writing for a column in 2010, and quickly moved on to acquiring major interviews with nothing but drive and determination. He began his own social media page which became a hit with horror fans, and turned a podcast which had a top tier guest every episode into a worldwide hit radio show that was soon sought after by former Editor-In-Chief of Fangoria, Chris Alexander, with his lists of co-hosts including two Time Emmy Award winning makeup artist Thomas Surprenant, Dinah Cancer of the legendary horror punk band 45 Grave, and iconic Scream Queen, Linnea Quigley. After leaving radio, DiLauro published a book series and had written a script that had projected Executive Producers Bruce Harrison Smith and wife of pioneer metal band Slayer's vocalist, Sandra Araya, the series was self published and became successful through word of mouth and solid review from industry professionals as well as fans. Rob had become Head of Film & Media for popular music website Metal Onslaught Magazine as well as Lead Interviewer for site Terror Time, run by well respected director Tom Holland, creator of "Fright Night" and "Child's Play". Currently, he is planning a return to radio with co-host horror actress Tiffany Shepis in January, and his book series "The Binding" has been re-released as an officially published work. Rob continues to grow a respect and knowledge in the genre, and lives with his family, including his first son, Gabriel Vincent DiLauro, named after the late horror maestro, Vincent Price.

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