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Lisa Rae Bartolomei is an artist, musician, composer, sound designer and writer from Melbourne, Australia working across disciplines such as painting, drawing, photography, video and a multifaceted sonic practice that includes musical, electroacoustic and multichannel sound compositions . She has grown up with a love of film and has a particular fondness for the dark and mysterious world of Film Noir and Horror Films. She is a current Board Member of The Cinemaniacs Film Collective.

The Devils in the Details: Representations of Evil in the Satanic Panic Movement

How we view the devil defines what we believe to be good and evil in the world. The role of the devil defines the society as a whole and our place in it. As a cinematic device, the devil affords us the opportunity to examine our values, repressed desires, and our fears. We each bring our own biases and doctrines to our viewing. The devil can act as a metaphor for the ills of this world or an agent of social control. Satan can be the liberator or the enslaver.

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