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I was born and raised in San Jose, California and still reside here with my husband, Ronnie, and our cat Jake. I grew up watching classic films, television and horror films both old and new with my dad. I owe much of my passions for all three to him and dedicate any success I have in the writing realm to him. The first horror film I remember seeing was the George Romero 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead in 1973 on the local creature features show here in the bay area. I ran from the room several times but kept coming back for more. I was scarred for life! I would go on to become a fan of Hammer Films, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Universal horror and many others. In 2015, after sporadic attempts to write the occasional review for a magazine or site, I decided to pursue writing as a profession. It has led me to becoming a staff writer for We Belong Dead and Scary Monsters magazines, a writer for the horror site as well as the film site, and a freelance writer and interviewer at large. I’ve also appeared as a guest on the current rendition of the local tv Creature Features show, filmed in Santa Rosa, California and airing on San Francisco’s KOFY-TV as well as on youtube. Most recently, I was added to the fabulous staff at Space Monsters magazine as the writer for a new regular column on science fiction called “My Views From the Space Station: The Past and Present Futures of Science Fiction”. When the opportunity arose to write for the prestigious, I simply had to leap at it. I am very much look forward to writing, reviewing, interviewing and being an all-around presence here.

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