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John Campopiano is an archivist, independent filmmaker, and film writer living in Boston. He is the co-producer, writer and director of Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary as well as co-producer and writer on the upcoming documentary, Pennywise: The Story of IT. John is also co-author of the upcoming book, Creatures For Kids, which is examining 30 years of monster movies and creature features made for children, young adults, and their families. In 2015, he launched the New England Media & Memory Coalition (NEMMC)--a regional organization dedicated to fostering discussion and promoting a better understanding of how media and digital and analog technologies intersect with and relate to memory, identity, nostalgia, and senses of place. When he's not engrossed in films, John serves as the Archives & Rights Manager for the PBS documentary film series, FRONTLINE.

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