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Joe Yanick is a writer, videographer, and film/music critic based in Brooklyn, NY. He is the former Managing Editor for Diabolique Magazine, as well as a contributing writer for, and In addition, he has worked with the Cleveland International Film Festival as a Feature reviewer. He is currently a Cinema Studies MA Candidate at New York University.

World Gone Wild (Book review)

Nuclear annihilation, worldwide plague, leather-clad gladiators, flesh eating zombies, anarchist gangs, rat-eating underground dwellers, natural disasters…what do all of these things have in common? They all feature prominently in a subgenre of film we all know and love (and one ...

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Vengeance is Mine (US Blu-ray review)

Japanese director Shohei Imamura has an interesting career trajectory. Beginning as an assistant to the, now, legendary director Yasujiro Ozu, Imamura soon grew tired of Ozu’s depiction of Japanese life. Despite the praise for Ozu’s authentic Japanese cinematic style, Imamura ...

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