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Jay Kay has always been a fan of horror in all of its dark corners since watching “Face of Death” and “Friday the 13th” back as a wee lad. Jumping onto the scene with the world wide Rondo nominated weekly horror talk radio show, “The Horror Happens Radio Show”. Jay’s impact, understanding of the intangibles and unique conversational style enthralls, entertains and educations fans who listen each week as the show has reached over 800 first time guests in under five years. When Jay is not in the bunker in Blairstown with his partner “The Ghost”, he is writing to old school Verve jazz or working on the show, he is traveling to horror conventions, film fests and events across the country gathering more conversations and giving opportunities to everyone in the world of horror and the dysfunctional family. A huge fan of Asian horror, Jay is a constant student and targets to be the best in the world at what he does. Support horror and join him if you dare… Find out more at Twitter @horrorhappensRS & @horrorhappensFF

Fantasia 2017: Replace (2017)

Palpable, alluring, and cringe-worthy were some of the words to describe the science fiction/horror film, Replace. Drawing from influences and homages including the seven deadly sins, Frankenstein (1797), and Alice in Wonderland (1865) placed against a canvas of futuristic body horror and ...

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