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Harvey F. Chartrand is a features writer at Ottawa Life Magazine ( Harvey’s stories have appeared in numerous publications including Cinema Retro, Filmfax,Shock Cinema, Rue Morgue, Scarlet: The Film Magazine, National Post, Jerusalem Postand The Globe and Mail. Harvey is a movie fanatic and has interviewed several film celebrities. To contact Harvey, e-mail him at: [email protected]

Tenebrae (UK Blu-Ray Review)

Tenebrae (1982) is considered Dario Argento’s last indisputably great film, despite its implausible plot and emphasis on style over substance. The title is Latin for “shadows” or “darkness” and yet Tenebrae is Argento’s brightest film, set almost entirely in daylight ...

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Sanitarium (Film Review)

Malcolm McDowell in Sanitarium (2013)

Sanitarium, a superb horror anthology film “hosted by” Malcolm McDowell, presents the curious facts preceding the committal of three individuals to a mental hospital. The three patients are under the care of Dr. Henry Stenson (McDowell). I hope Sanitarium signals ...

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The People Under the Stairs (UK Blu-Ray Review)

Film writer Calum Waddell calls Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs “one of the great horror movies of the 1990s.” And yet this 1991 comedy/horror/mystery is about as frightening as  a Chuck Jones cartoon, and its subtext and social commentary (dealing with the class warfare of that era) are a trifle obvious—perhaps even out of place ...

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