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David L Tamarin is a writer located in Massachusetts. He is about to have his first two books published, HURTING MY TOYS a novel of extreme brutal horror will be released by Comet Press, and his collection of short stories, This Book Hates You, to be published by Radiation Sickness Press, He has co-written three films and has also worked as an entertainment attorney and producer. His Facebook is According to director/writer Gregory Lamberson, "David L Tamarin is the sickest motherfucker i know". He is hard at work on two new books he hopes to finish in 2014. Check out his column at

NAILS (DVD Review)

Andrey Iskanov’s classic film from 2003, NAILS, has been completely remastered and recently re-released. This is a film that is stunning visually and audibly. For the duration of the film, we are in Andrey Iskanov’s control. He is the film’s ...

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