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Dave Thomas's path was laid out when his grandparents allowed him to stay up late watching Hammer horror films on TV. Already a Star Wars nut, he hit puberty at the exact moment pre-cert home video arrived in the UK. It was all downhill from the day an uncomprehending babysitter left him alone with a copy of Deathstalker; he's still rendered helpless at the thought of Lana Clarkson waving a wooden broadsword. Dave's love of weird films eventually led him to the BFI, where he's a Patron and regular supporter; find him in the bar after screenings loudly decrying the lack of a Bruno Mattei season. An occasional film reviewer and podcaster, he's guested on The Fiasco Brothers Watch a Movie, BERGCAST (the all-Quatermass podcast) and the BMovieCast, and contributed reviews to Dave's wrote 'Hammer Films: Back From the Dead' for the MovieWiz Academy, part of a series of "where to start with…" ebooks available for Kindle. Dave dreams of giving up work to follow his true passion; dividing his vast DVD collection into increasingly pedantic sections. He lives in Hertfordshire, England with his wife, cats and collection of hideous shirts.

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