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Chris Hallock is a screenwriter and film programmer in the Boston area. He has contributed to VideoScope Magazine, The Boston Globe, Paracinema, Shadowland, ChiZine, and Planet Fury. He serves as a programmer for the Boston Underground Film Festival and the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and is a former Co-Director of Programming for Etheria. He is currently writing a book on the horror genre for Midnight Marquee Press. His other passions are cats, drumming, and fiercely independent art.

Comic Review: Rise of the Black Flame TPB

The Hellboy universe has expanded considerably since Mike Mignola introduced his eponymous hell-spawned anti-hero over two decades ago. The series, including spin-off companions B.P.R.D, Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson, and offshoots like Witchfinder, demonstrates Mignola’s flair for crossing folklore, historical fantasy, ...

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Doomsdays (Film Review)

For a myriad of reasons, Armageddon endures as a prominent theme in popular culture. Being plunged into the wasteland is oddly, yet understandably, attractive to individuals disenfranchised by an increasingly oppressive society. A segment of society has moved beyond the ...

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Heir (Short Film Review)

Two distinct characteristics inform the short films of Richard Powell: dark family secrets and viscous secretions. Powell, taking up the torch ignited by Cronenberg, is responsible for creating some of the most startling and intensely emotional body horror imaginable. Worm (2010), Familiar (2012), ...

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