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Alexandra Heller-Nicholas is a film critic, author, programming consultant and research academic from Melbourne, Australia. She has written seven books on cult, horror, and exploitation film including Rape-Revenge Films: A Critical Study (McFarland, 2011), Found Footage Horror Films: Fear and the Appearance of Reality (McFarland 2014), Suspiria (Auteur, 2016), Ms. 45 (Wallflower/Columbia University Press, 2017), The Hitcher (Arrow, 2018), Masks in Horror Cinema: Eyes Without Faces (University of Wales Press, 2019) and a forthcoming book called 1000 Women in Horror. Alexandra has published well over 100 interviews, essays, articles, liner notes and reviews, over twenty book chapters, recorded a stack of home entertainment commentaries and video essays, and has co-edited a number of books, She is also a programming consultant for Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, the largest genre film festival in the United States.

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