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Artwork for ‘1000 Women in Horror’ Book Revealed

Just in time for 2018’s Women in Horror Month! Award-winning Australian film critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas is proud to provide this sneak preview of the cover art for her upcoming book, 1000 Women in Horror, by artist Darren Cotzabuyucas. The book is scheduled to be published by Bear Manor Media in 2019.

Heller-Nicholas is the author of five books on cult, horror and exploitation cinema, including Rape-Revenge Films: A Critical Study (McFarland, 2011), Found Footage Horror Films: Fear and the Appearance of Reality (McFarland, 2015), Suspiria (Devils Advocates/Auteur, 2016), Ms. 45 (Cultographies/Wallflower/Columbia University Press, 2017) and The Hitcher (Arrow Books, 2018). She has also worked extensively on women’s filmmaking in a range of capacities in recent years, including co-curating a program on Australian women filmmakers of the 1980s and 1990s at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival.

Spanning 1898 – 2018, 1000 Women in Horror is an exhaustive love-letter to both the stars and the often ignored, invisible women who have been so important to making the genre what it is today. From Classical Hollywood to alt-Nollywood, mumblegore to J-horror, 1000 Women in Horror considers figures whose work has left a significant mark on the genre, both behind and in front of the camera.

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