You might remember The Owlman from a series of pranks set in a creepy abandoned hospital that went viral last year. Now, the feathered fiend continues his reign of terror in an epic new prank. Watch as visitors to a church in Fife, Scotland get the fright of their lives when the Owlman drops in, backed up by a terrifying throng of masked cultists!

This is undoubtedly the team’s most ambitious, and outrageous prank yet, with a finale so absurd and hilarious that it truly has to be seen to be believed.

Created by Scotland’s Hex Studios, The Owlman is the star of two feature films – cult favourite Lord of Tears and upcoming chiller The Owlman: Chapter Two.

The Owlman: Chapter Two, due for release later this month, sees The Owlman reprise his role as a nightmarish entity bent on creating chaos and suffering for all who cross his diabolical path. Shot in a haunted mansion in the Highlands of Scotland, the film is a classic spine-tingler, starring horror icons Macarena Gómez (Dagon, Shrew’s Nest) and Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed).

According to Hex Studios Director/Producer Lawrie Brewster “Our YouTube channel is a really great way for us to connect with and build our audience. The Owlman pranks have proven to be especially popular, and of course they’re tons of fun to make, but we’re also producing creepypasta videos, mini-documentaries and all kinds of content that broaden the world of our films, and let fans reach out and interact with us and our creations.”