Andrew Lincoln in THE WALKING DEAD

Fans of the horror television gamechanger The Walking Dead, feed your brain. AMC has released the first still from the highly anticipated Season Four of the hit series. The picture isn’t action heavy, but raises many questions: Is Rick Alone? Why is he not in the Prison? How will he dispatch of that Walker behind him?

After The Walking Dead‘s lukewarm Season Three finale, which hosted the deaths of two major characters as well as the deaths of many featured extras, AMC has officially started the buzz for the new season, premiering this October. For the few left unfamiliar with the show, The Walking Dead is the television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s bleak and disturbing zombie comic series of the same name. Kirkman developed the series with The Mist filmmaker Frank Darabont for AMC in 2010, and has since been AMC’s highest rated show, with the massive number growing per season.

The show, which stars Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohen and David Morrissey, has gone through two showrunners through it’s three season history, with Darabont exiting early into production on the Second Season and writer Glen Mazzara exiting late in the Third Season, being replaced by writer Scott Gimple. Consistent members of the production team include seasoned television producer Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer Kirkman and special effects wizard Greg Nicotero.

Despite critical praise, a climbing and loyal fanbase and shocking gore, especially by television standards, The Walking Dead has recieved criticisms from fans and reviewers. Some criticisms address racial and gender issues the show refuses to formally address, while other criticisms mostly focus on the tonal imbalance as some episodes follow Darabont’s original vision of existential horror amidst the gradual loss of humanity and while others follow closer to network friendly popcorn-chewing zombie kill-em-deader entertainment. Nevertheless, the show is going nowhere anytime soon, and Gimple, who wrote Season Three’s strongest episode (“Clear”), may be able to fix those narrative issues yet.

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