Writer/Director Adam Sonnet has an idea of where he would like to see the Alien franchise go and it involves hitting the restart button and picking things up 14 years after the events of Aliens.  Not only that – the emphasis of the story will shift from Ripley to Newt, yeah you’re reading that right – Newt is alive and well and ready to kick some alien ass.

A posting over at the Sonnet Realm Films website explains things as follows:

“ALIEN IDENTITY is a Tribute Feature Film to the Alien Universe. It plays heavily on the aesthetics of H.R. Giger and takes place 14 years after the events of Aliens, with an alternate timeline. The director wants to explore further into the unknown, discovering uncharted territory, introducing new heroes, villains, and ideas, while remaining faithful to the essence of Alien.”

I’m sure you’re noticing the words “tribute feature film” in the description above – yes this is an indie production and will have nothing to do with the announced Alien 5 that Neil Blomkamp is ramping up over at 20th Century Fox.  Does that matter? I think not.

To make things even more interesting, the production has secured Carrie Henn – the original Newt – and she has signed on and will be involved.  Carrie hasn’t worked on a production since playing young Newt in the 1986 blockbuster.  The website announces the involvement as follows:

“As a surprise to the fan community, we’re happy to announce Carrie Henn (Aliens) is confirmed to make an appearance in ALIEN IDENTITY as Anne Jorden, young Newt’s mother in a flashback. This will be Henn’s first film in nearly 30 years since Aliens (1986).
“I am looking forward to working on Aliens from a different perspective. I can’t wait to hear what all the fans think!”
-Carrie Henn.”
Elle Viane Sonnet will now play Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden.
gale-benning-alien-identity-newt-lives-small - Copy
Also announced to be on board is Ricco Ross who played Private Robert Frost in Cameron’s Aliens.  He’ll be playing Richard Frost this time around – I would assume attempting to find out the true fate of his brother?  Would make sense to me.
A Kickstarter campaign is in our future for this one and I for one am hoping they are able to get this one made but what do you think?  You all down for some alternate time line Alien fun?  Oh yeah and as far as how the happenings of the franchise since Aliens will be explained:

“ALIEN IDENTITY takes place 14 years after the events of Jim Cameron’s 1986 blockbuster Aliens, and continues the story of Rebecca “Newt” Jorden, the little girl we all loved, but despised to see perish in vain. We’ve decided to bring her back as the lead actress played by the talented Elle Viane Sonnet, to tell her amazing story as a young woman with a haunting past and an uncertain future. Since we’re doing it this way we are obviously not considering the events of Alien 3 or Resurrection, and are considering them to be cryo-sleep nightmares.”