Who doesn’t know Dr. Phibes – the classic Vincent Price baddie that he played to the tee in the 70’s ,scaring the living shit out of all us coming of age horror fanatics.  The man who wrote the original 1971 film, William Goldstein is teaming up with his son Damon to resurrect good old Dr. Phibes with a new project titled Forever Phibes, and they’ve made a spellbinding choice of who will fill Mr. Price’s shoes – Malcolm McDowell!

Wow, talk about a perfect fit, right?  Here’s what Malcolm has to say about things:

“Dr. Phibes is one of those rare original characters. I just re-read the script and think it is fantastic! I am absolutely thrilled to be working with the original writers and really looking forward to reprising this great horror classic role.”
Reportedly the new film will draw from several of Goldstein’s Phibes novels and the basic plot line is as follows:
“The year is 1925, and doctors have been perishing in disturbing and bizarre ways.
Four years ago, while rushing to his wife’s side, Dr. Anton Phibes, a brilliant organist with expertise in all manner of musical and scientific disciplines crashed his car, and was believed to have been killed. In truth, the horrifically burned man had survived, only to learn of the tragic death of his wife, Victoria Phibes – after only minutes on the operating table she was pronounced dead.
In total despair, Phibes disappears into seclusion, swearing the ultimate vengeance upon those he perceives to be responsible for the death of his only love – “Nine killed you nine shall die and be returned your loss, nine times nine.” At first, the only connections between them seem to be that the manner of their death is related in some way to one of the ten plagues of Egypt as outlined in the Old Testament, and multiple reports describing a silent, beautiful woman was nearby when they died.
Yet there is one more connection between the doctors; a certain failed operation, come back to haunt them….”

Lets hope they get this was financed and in front of the camera as quickly as possible!