Promo poster for upcoming Kong film

Jeong Jung Kim and Gary Zhang of Aquamen entertainment have announced the development of the largest animated films ever made in an Asian country, KONG. The film is set to be co-developed by a major Korean animation studio and will be backed by the Chinese Cultural Chamber of Commerce of the Private Sector, which as the press release quickly points out, the total assets of this Chinese Cultural Chamber of Commerce of the Private Sector (I prefer to call it the CCCCPS for short) are above one trillion US dollars.

“Kong is a 40-million dollar project to be developed as a 3D animated science-fiction film based on the Asian tale of ‘Sun Wukong’ commonly called the Monkey King. Adapted from the classical Chinese novel, Journey To The West, the film will be the origin story of the titular character – who was born from molten rock in the Earth’s core – and features aliens, robots, and fantasy elements.”

Jeong Jung Kim did win Best Picture for Korean Cinema in 2007 for his film HERS at the Jeonju International Film Festival, in which he directed. However, “the project is being pitched to experienced Hollywood directors to helm the feature. They will be announced in Cannes this summer”. Expect to see Kong picking up the Palme d’Or soon for its featuring of aliens, robots, AND fantasy elements!

However, there is no word on whether or not the well-known Monkey King fanatic, Twitter user @Love_that_Goku, will be playing the role of Sun Wukong in the film. Yet.