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Sign the Petition to ask Warner Bros to release their Classic Hammer Horror Titles on Blu-Ray!


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End date: Apr 30, 2014

Signatures collected: 3713

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We the Undersigned ask Warner Bros to please Release their Classic Hammer Horror Titles on Blu-Ray!

01Hammer Horror Films are a vital part of, not only the horror entertainment genre, but of Britain’s cinematic legacy. The 7 Hammer titles that Warner Bros holds represent the best and most important titles in Hammer’s significant output and should be urgently released in the new high definition medium, fully restored for optimum quality! The titles are:

Titles that have already been released on blu-ray in the UK by Lionsgate:

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Our goal is to reach 10,000 signatures by April 30, 2014!

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Why THESE Hammer Titles are Important

poster4In 1957, a tiny film studio on the banks of the Thames River in England changed the horror genre forever. Hammer Film Productions did not invent the Gothic horror film, but their technicians, artisans and actors certainly perfected it. The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer’s first Gothic horror film featuring their classic team—stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, director Terence Fisher, composer James Bernard and art director Bernard Robinson—was released in the United States by Warner Bros to spectacular box office results. It was the first Frankenstein film in color, and the first to feature Hammer’s signature style: lavish period detail, a bold sexual element and far more gore than audiences were accustomed to at the time.

poster3Hammer quickly became a household name around the world and the company still thrives today; their 2012 theatrical release The Woman In Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe, became the most successful British horror film in more than twenty years. In the United Kingdom, three classic Hammer titles have been released on blu-ray during the past year: The Curse of Frankenstein; Dracula (1958), known in the US as Horror of Dracula; and The Mummy (1959), all of which have been filled with extras and have been extremely well-received. None of them have been announced for release in the US by Warner Bros, who own the American rights.

There are four other classic Hammer horror films to which Warner Bros own the American distribution rights that have not been released on blu-ray anywhere. They are: Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968), Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969), Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) and Dracula A.D. 1972. In my recent books The Hammer Vampire and The Hammer Frankenstein, I have pointed out why these films are important, not just to the horror genre but to the history of cinema itself.

poster2Directed by Academy Award-winning cinematographer Freddie Francis (The Elephant Man, 1980), Dracula Has Risen From the Grave was the most financially successful of the seven Hammer classics in which Christopher Lee starred as Count Dracula. Warner Bros’ advertising campaign in the U.S. capitalized on the sexual angle of the film (in France it was called Dracula and the Women) to huge box office success. Visually, it is one of the most stylish of all Hammer horrors and, in Francis’ skilled hands, Dracula Has Risen From the Grave becomes a religious allegory in which the title character ends up impaled on a huge golden cross.

poster7Terence Fisher’s Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is the most nihilistic film in the entire Hammer Frankenstein saga. The fifth film in the series, it reflects the pessimism of the times and the changing morals of that era. The film has no heroes and the character of Baron Frankenstein himself (Peter Cushing) has never been more ruthless or psychopathic. This dark classic has been rightly called by more than one critic “Hammer’s finest Frankenstein film!”

poster5Peter Sasdy’s Taste the Blood of Dracula is another film very much of its era in which Count Dracula’s revenge becomes a metaphor for teenage rebellion against an older generation whose hypocritical moral values no longer have any relevance. Perhaps the most “adult” of Lee’s Dracula films, it features excellent performances by Lee, Linda Hayden, Ralph Bates, Geoffrey Keen, John Carson and others.

poster1Dracula A.D. 1972 carries the teenage rebellion theme even further; Lee’s Dracula is now reborn in contemporary times thanks to a black mass performed by some thrill-seeking London youths. But who is the most dangerous to society, Count Dracula or the pot-smoking “heroes?” Co-starring Bond girl Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977) and Stephanie Beacham (star of TV’s The Colbys and Dynasty), Dracula A.D. 1972 is a bona fide cult classic.

All seven of the above-mentioned films cry out to be restored on blu-ray so that a new generation of fans (as well as the older generation!) can appreciate the thrills, color and style of Hammer horror at its best. They are not only a huge part of the history of Hammer Film Productions, they are an important part of the history of Warner Bros as well.

~ By Bruce G. Hallenbeck

Bruce G. Hallenbeck is a Rondo Award-winning author of such books as Comedy-Horror Films, The Hammer Vampire, Hammer Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and The Hammer Frankenstein, and has been writing cover stories for Little Shoppe of Horrors since 1981.
Latest Signatures
3,713Matthew FosterPennsaukenUnited StatesPLEASE...release the Hammer Horror collection of Blu-Ray! Also, please release the additional Universal Monsters movies (Frankenstein Meets Wolf Man, House of Dracula, etc.) as well. I and many others will buy this!! Guarantee it!!!Apr 30, 2014
3,712Peter HeckmanAucklandNZApr 30, 2014
3,711Frank BatemanPickeringtonUSArelease Horror of Dracula with restored Japanese print footageApr 30, 2014
3,710Jeff IrwinApr 29, 2014
3,709Margaret Van houdtSpring lakeUnited StatesApr 29, 2014
3,708soner aliballymunIrelandApr 29, 2014
3,707Matt CunninghamStudio CityUSAApr 29, 2014
3,706Arnold PettersonclawsonUSAPlease! Please!Apr 29, 2014
3,705amic raphaelles pennes mirabeauFranceApr 29, 2014
3,704Miles FlanaganApr 29, 2014
3,703brian goodwinlincolnUnited KingdomApr 29, 2014
3,702Robert ScismTinley ParkUSAApr 29, 2014
3,701Terry PiersonApr 28, 2014
3,700James ParryWelwyn Garden CityUKApr 28, 2014
3,699Perry EverhartApr 28, 2014
3,698Jason VanHelsingApr 28, 2014
3,697Marie Domergueles ArcsFranceApr 28, 2014
3,696Clayton CortinasSan JacintoUSAPlease do it now!!Apr 28, 2014
3,695Doug BrownThousand OaksUSAApr 28, 2014
3,694Cat Schmeal-SwopeMankatoUnited StatesApr 28, 2014
3,693Joseph GottschlichDaytonUnited StatesApr 28, 2014
3,692Anthony CzerskiGreensboroUnited StatesApr 27, 2014
3,691Vidar StålesenEgersundNorwayApr 27, 2014
3,690Ben BartonFolkestoneUnited KingdomApr 27, 2014
3,689Dana BaileyLoves ParkUnited StatesI will buy all of the titles!!! Apr 27, 2014
3,687Paul GrovesLondonUnited KingdomHi Warner, in addition if you could make the BluRay's Region Free and available for ALL it would be much appreciatedApr 27, 2014
3,686Victor GarrisonVentnorUSAApr 27, 2014
3,685phil n.please release these pieces of movie history on blu ray...Apr 27, 2014
3,684Robert LeverEverettUSAThese films deserve to be released in Blu-Ray in the U.S.Apr 27, 2014
3,683MARK SLATERApr 27, 2014
3,682Mark DaviesHerefordUnited KingdomApr 27, 2014
3,681Josh BooneApr 27, 2014
3,680Kevin HarrahRiversideUSAApr 27, 2014
3,679Dale BottCalgaryCanadaLove Hammer FilmsApr 27, 2014
3,678Brian VaradayTalentUSAI bed you with tears in my eyes!Apr 27, 2014
3,677john hultmarkclaytonusaApr 26, 2014
3,676Racheal RealPasadena USATOOLALOOSE Apr 26, 2014
3,675Dakota MaxfieldTujungaUSALET THEIR REIGNS OF TERROR SPREAD AGAIN!Apr 26, 2014
3,674Greg RottaApr 26, 2014
3,673Sean CiprianoSan franciscoUnited StatesApr 26, 2014
3,672shane williamssiler cityusainclude booklets/liner notes! include new found footage for horror of dracula!!Apr 26, 2014
3,671brian clearywilmington I would buy any Warners classic horror titles on Blu.Apr 26, 2014
3,670Laura CombsDaytonUnited StatesApr 26, 2014
3,669Linda LunsfordRosevilleUnited StatesApr 26, 2014
3,668Selena LunsfordRosevilleUnited StatesApr 26, 2014
3,667Karen MarvelUplandUsaApr 26, 2014
3,666Michael BonnerApr 26, 2014
3,665robert dunlopdaventryUnited KingdomApr 25, 2014
3,664Peter CoxBenbrookUnited StatesApr 25, 2014

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  1. Best of British don’t let it be forgotton. Childhood memories watching these Peter Cushing – legend.

  2. 3713 signatures x $20 – $25 a blu-ray collector’s edition = a LOT of money Warner Bros. has chosen to say no to. I’m very disappointed in Warner Bros. I thought they liked making money. I suppose they would rather see that money go to quaint hobbies like collecting stamps, rocks, and feathers.


  4. Yes, all these great Hammer films MUST be transferred (and done well!) to Blu Ray. I already have “Dracula Has Risen From The Grave” in Blu Ray (Region 1), and it is a very good transfer.

  5. Word is Warners will be issuing a lot of their Hammer titles in 2015!!!

  6. There has been a strong resurgence of interest recently (especially from the younger generation discovering these classics for the first time), but no Blu-Ray release for the majority, is a travesty. Second hand DVD’s are exchanging hands rapidly, because sadly, there is nothing upgraded to buy. Rerelease them now, preferably with extras while a lot of the former stars are still alive to contribute – especially Christopher Lee!

  7. Release all the titles available on blu ray!!

  8. Melissa taylor

    please release

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