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Diabolique Magazine No. 9 (Mar/Apr 2012)

Diabolique Magazine explores the genre of found footage horrors!

Inside this issue:

  • KEN RUSSELL’S LAST PICTURE SHOW David Del Valle pays tribute to director Ken Russell (1927-2011), the bad boy of British film
  • THE DEVIL INSIDE Kyle Kouri on the advent of the “Found Footage” film genre
  • MONDO PAGAN Robert J.E. Simpson’s study of Häxan and the witchcraft documentary phenomena
  • THE WOMAN IN BLACK: IS THE VERDICT IN? David L Rattigan sums up the reviews
  • DR KNOX’S AUTOPSY TABLE Kevin G Shinnick dissects the party scene from the classic Night of the Demon
  • SIDNEY HAYERS AND NIGHT OF THE EAGLE David Del Valle’s unpublished interview with Burn, Witch, Burn director Sidney Hayers
  • WITCHCRAFT: THE CRAFT OF DON SHARP David L Rattigan pays tribute to Hammer director Don Sharp (1921–2011)
  • MONTAGUE SUMMERS: TELL ME STRANGE THINGS Sandy Robertson’s journey through the conflicting life of the writer, priest, and occultist
  • THE VIRGIN OF NUREMBERG Robyn Talbot’s ongoing series on Italian Gothic cinema looks at Antonio Margheriti’s film
  • OF MENACE AND MAMMARIES David L Rattigan’s aside on the witch trials under the infamous Matthew Hopkins
  • THE MONK Cleaver Patterson reviews Dominik Moll’s new film
  • BALANCING ACT Short fiction by Joan Eyles Johnson
  • ICONS OF HORROR Robert J.E. Simpson looks at the iconic image of the Peeping Tom poster
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About Robert JE Simpson

Robert J.E. Simpson works as a film historian, writer, and broadcaster based in Belfast. He recently threw away a career in libraries for a stint as an independent publisher ( His personal website is

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