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Diabolique Magazine No. 7 (Nov/Dec 2011)

Diabolique Magazine’s special Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Issue!

Inside this issue:

  • WELCOME TO FRIGHT NIGHT Sarah Crowther revisits Tom Holland’s original shocker (1985), with Roddy McDowall, to see why it still has a huge cult following after all these years
  • THE GENESIS OF FRANKENSTEIN David L Rattigan examines new research into the origins of Mary Shelley’s famous book
  • PUT AWAY THE FLESH Daniel Bird on Jaromil Jires’s Czech classic Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)
  • BETWEEN HORROR AND SURREALISM Peter Haymes provides further coverage of Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, the nightmarish fairy tale that marked the end of the Czech New Wave movement
  • LOAM A macabre piece of original short fiction from Joan Eyles Johnson
  • NEW NIGHTMARES Drew Beard examines postmillenial Eastern European horror cinema, with viscerally disturbing spectacles like Taxidermia (2006) and vampire epics like Night Watch (2004)
  • DR. KNOX’S DISSECTION TABLE David L Rattigan deconstructs a scene from Hammer’s 1968 occult thriller The Devil Rides Out
  • RED STATE OR RED TAPE? Robert J.E. Simpson on the controversy behind the marketing and distribution of Kevin Smith’s new and violent horror film
  • JERZY SKOLIMOWSKI’S DEEP END David Kleiler rediscovers this great British coming-of-age shocker, starring Jane Asher and John Moulder-Brown
  • SLAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRES Robyn Talbot’s newest entry in his Italian Gothic series covers this highly atmospheric cult film
  • BOOK REVIEW Adrian Smith on Kim Newman’s Nightmare Movies
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About Robert JE Simpson

Robert J.E. Simpson works as a film historian, writer, and broadcaster based in Belfast. He recently threw away a career in libraries for a stint as an independent publisher ( His personal website is

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