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Diabolique Magazine No. 6 (Sep/Oct 2011)

Diabolique Magazine celebrates 100 Years of Vincent Price!

Inside this issue:

  • FILM REVIEW: WITCHFINDER GENERAL Adrian Smith reviews one of Britain’s most violent and notorious horror films
    MATTHIJS VAN HEIJNINGEN ON FORMING THE THING Stephen Head interviews director Matthijs van Heijningen, director of Universal’s highly anticipated prequel The Thing
  • 100 YEARS OF VINCENT PRICE Matt Jamieson’s exclusive coverage of this year’s Vincentennial celebration in St. Louis, the birthplace of Vincent Price. Includes a new interview with Price’s daughter, Victoria Price
  • A CONVERSATION WITH ROGER CORMAN Robert J.E. Simpson interviews the legendary director about his work with Vincent Price and the horror films of the 1960s
  • TALKING TO IAN OGILVY Robert J.E. Simpson’s exclusive conversation with Ian Ogilvy, the star of Witchfinder General, about the making of the film and his working relationship with Vincent Price
  • MICHAEL REEVES: FORGOTTEN HORROR PRODIGY Tony Earnshaw reflects on the promising young filmmaking talent that was cut short by an early death
  • JANE ASHER ON MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH Interview with the British actress on the making of the film and her memories of Vincent Price and Roger Corman
  • A SLICE OF PRICE Keri O’Shea, Michelle “Izzy” Galgana, Adrian Smith, David L Rattigan and Robert J.E. Simpson offer their own reflections on the legacy of the actor and his place in popular culture
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About Robert JE Simpson

Robert J.E. Simpson works as a film historian, writer, and broadcaster based in Belfast. He recently threw away a career in libraries for a stint as an independent publisher ( His personal website is

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