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Diabolique Magazine No. 4 (Apr/May 2011)

Diabolique Magazine remembers Jean Rollin, and goes behind the scenes of Hammer’s Wake Wood!

Inside this issue:

  • Letters
  • Fim Review, by David L Rattigan
  • Pervasive Horror Entertainment, by Robert Pratten
  • Welcome to Wake Wood, by Robert J.E. Simpson
  • The New French Extremity, by Sarah Crowther
  • Dreams of Dead Girls & Blind Vampires, by Nigel Wingrove
  • Jean Rollin: Film, Love, & the Living Dead, by Caroline Vié
  • Black Sunday, by Robyn Talbot
  • The Joys of Spring, by Anne Doherty
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About Robert JE Simpson

Robert J.E. Simpson works as a film historian, writer, and broadcaster based in Belfast. He recently threw away a career in libraries for a stint as an independent publisher ( His personal website is

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