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Diabolique Magazine No. 12 (Sep/Oct 2012)

Diabolique Magazine embraces childhood horrors!

Inside this issue:

  • Growing Up Lynch – Olivia Saperstein talks to Jennifer Lynch about her new film and the influence her famous father had on her as an artist
  • Anatomy of Eli Roth’s Goretorium – David Calbert interviews Eli Roth about his gory new “Haunted House” in Las Vegas
  • All Abhorred! Ghost Trains & Haunted Attractions – Brandon Kosters traces the roots of some of our most famous haunted attractions
  • Halloween: Boundary Between the Living & the Dead – Kyle Kouri gives us a brief history of everyone’s favorite holiday
  • Biting Commentary – Brandon Kosters on the Batman’s resurgence as a figurehead for macabre social critique
  • It’s Alive! Ghastly Images for the Whole Family – Scott Feinblatt sits down with members of Tim Burton’s production team to discuss the making of Frankenweenie (2012)
  • Karloff on Karloff – Tony Earnshaw interviews Sara Karloff about her father’s incredible career and legacy
  • The Puppeteer’s Tale – Scott Feinblatt talks to the founder of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop as they celebrate grotesque imagery while imparting profound messages in a neglected art form
  • The Forbidden Forest – David Calbert discusses the motif of the “dark forest” in children’s literature
  • Dancing with Death – David Huckvale’s reflections on Gothic ballets devoted to macabre narratives

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About Scott Feinblatt

Scott Feinblatt is an independent filmmaker who writes, produces, directs, and scores most of his projects. His feature, Outtake Reel (2011), is a unique spin on the found footage genre, and his short horror film, Tuning In, Tuning Out, is a surreal take on the threats of a media-dominated society.

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