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Thinking person’s Horror Magazine seeks WRITERS

Diabolique Magazine Submissions

Diabolique is always looking for intelligent, entertaining writing on every aspect of the horror genre.

We welcome queries and unsolicited submissions for publication in Diabolique. The tagline “Horror for the Connoisseur” reflects what we look for in an article: Something original and stimulating, dealing with new or seemingly well-worn subjects in a fresh and interesting way. We look for good writing that entertains, challenges and informs.

The magazine covers every aspect of horror, including film, literature, music, art, history and culture. Every subject is considered if it relates to horror and promises to stretch readers’ understanding and enjoyment of the genre. We regularly publish short fiction.

Why write for Diabolique Magazine?

  • Collaborate with an international network of creatives and professionals who share your passion for horror
  • Pioneer new ways of looking at the horror genre
  • Establish yourself in horror writing, in a high-quality publication that takes a fresh perspective
  • Receive a free copy of any issue in which your article appears
  • Receive a free digital subscription (coming soon)

Please contact us with your ideas, and/or writing at: submissions@horrorunlimited.com

Submission Guidelines

Diabolique welcomes unsolicited submissions for publication in both the magazine and on the website. We want articles that are interesting, unique, challenging and/or edgy, that will expand our understanding of any aspect of the genre, or that deal with well-established subjects in a fresh way. We are not limited by nationality, gender, politics, popularity or media.

Whilst the magazine has a tendency towards film and literature we will publish on any aspect of horror including (and not limited to) music, soundtracks, television, theatre, gaming, marketing, theory, production, art, history etc. Articles which deal with tangential subjects that throw new light on horror tropes and culture are particularly welcome.

Please contact the editor with an outline of your proposal, and where appropriate an example of your writing. Full draft submissions are welcome, and we will promptly acknowledge receipt and advise you whether we wish to take it forward.

Essays should be submitted via email in a Word or Rich Text Format attachment document. Unless previously agreed, your submissions should not have been published elsewhere – either online or in print. At this time, Diabolique does not as a rule pay for articles, though we are working hard to change that in the near future. A submission to the magazine confirms your willingness to allow a 12 month exclusivity on any article from date of publication.

The editors take issues of plagiarism very seriously. By submitting you also confirm that the material is your own original work, and you indemnify Diabolique, the editors and publishers from any loss or expense incurred in the event of legal action arising from any offence.

While not an academic publication, Diabolique encourages scholarly practices and approaches to the genre. As such, all sources should be referenced. The editors believe in the principles of good historical research, not tabloid journalism.

Feature articles should be between 3,000 – 5,000 words, though we will consider longer articles by prior arrangement. Shorter articles should be 1000 – 2000 words. Reviews should be between 500 and 1000 words. Fiction submissions can be of any length, but submissions over 4000 words may need to be edited or serialized.

All submissions should be accompanied by a short paragraph about the author (see the magazine for examples), and a photograph.

Diabolique reserves the right to edit any submission to suit the needs of the magazine, including issues of presentation, style, and space. As a rule the authors will be consulted on any matters of alteration or addition, but in the event of a dispute the decision of the editors is final.


Authors are asked to provide photographs and/or illustrations for their work, whenever possible – including appropriate captions and references – or suggest where they may be obtained. The editors reserve the right to adapt, edit or commission artwork they feel would suit the presentation. Illustrative material should be at 300dpi and sent as jpg or TIFF files.

Other Media

We are keen to see contributors explore the subject of horror through any means possible. Feel free to submit work in other formats, including illustrations, photography, video and anything else that takes your fancy. Work that cannot be published in the hard-copy magazine will be considered for publication on the website and related projects.


All emails will be considered for publication, and may be edited. Subscribers can also leave feedback via the comments function on the website, via Twitter, or via our Facebook page.

Off-Site Resources for Writers

Image: Markus Rödder


  1. I am interested in writing for your magazine. Currently, I am writing a story about a demon who possessed a boy in order to break free into the world of the living. The word count thus far is 36,000 of 175 pages. I know that is way to much for submission, but I’m wondering if that meets the criteria?

    I would like to write for your magazine, not only to entertain the readers, but also get my name out on the market. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks your interest. You’re correct to assume we’re not taking submissions of that length, but if you would like to send an excerpt from your story for consideration, please feel free to do so to scott@horrorunlimited.com.


  2. Hello,i’m tim and i’m interested in doing horror magazine cover art.

    thank you :)

  3. I would love to become more involved in the writing aspect of the horror world. I am currently a recurring guest on horror podcast Sinister Inclinations which is in pre production stage plus a panel host for upcoming Horror convention on Classic Horror. I have also included the blog for writing examples and the podcast address. Love to hear more on how to proceed.



    Terry Sherwood