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Flytrap (Review)

‘Would you like to reproduce now?’ is hardly the most romantic chat up line I have ever heard, but it does for English astronomy professor James Pond (Jeremy Crutchley). You see James was on his way from New York to ...

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Antibirth (Review)

Many horror films tend to be about more than is apparent on a surface level. Antibirth, the narrative feature debut of experimental video artist Danny Perez, is an addict’s drug-fuelled pregnancy through the prism of a psychedelic body-horror nightmare. It is ...

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Der Bunker (Review)

Horror-comedies can be a difficult mix to pull off successfully, balancing a sense of lightheartedness with any semblance of actual ‘horror’. Der Bunker, a debut German film from director Nikias Chryssos, manages this beautiful balance and forms something unsettling, at ...

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