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Curse of Chucky (Film Review)

Curse of Chucky

There’s a very funny connotation to the “outsider” role in the horror community considering that, by-and-large, horror fans are difficult to categorize in their own right. And yet, the horror community continually supports the underdogs, whether it’s the freakishly charming, ...

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Dark Touch (Film Review)

Dark Touch

When debating the benefits of independent filmmaking as opposed to studio filmmaking, there’s a singular reoccurring point that an artist working outside of the system has the luxury of creative freedom. However, even though creative freedom allows visions to be ...

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The Facility (Film Review)

The Facility

Some of the most fascinating films in the horror genre explore the use and abuse of psychotropic drugs. Effective recent examples include Adam Wingard’s nightmarish Pop Skull (2007), Eduardo Sanchez’s chilling Lovely Molly (2011), and Jeremiah Kipp’s haunting short film ...

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